Monday, March 22, 2010

Buying or Selling a Home in Berkeley 94705

The following statistics should prove useful to anyone who might be interested in buying or selling a home in the Berkeley zip code of 94705

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Berkeley Community News: YouthWorks Jobs for youth

Are You Between 14 and 25 Yrs Old? Do You Need A Job For The Summer? YouthWorks Might Be Able to Help

YouthWorks provides invaluable experiences and introduces Berkeley youth to the world of work. We operate the Summer Youth Employment Program, assess skills to match youth with appropriate jobs, broker employment opportunities and recruit for special projects, conduct job-readiness workshops and training, and collaborate with groups that provide youth services. If you’d like to apply, please come by the YouthWorks offices in the basement of 1947 Center Street (between Milvia and MLK) and fill out an application. For more information about YouthWorks, please visit

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Restaurant and Cafes Opening in Berkeley!

Berkeley continues to be a vibrant community.  The fact that a bunch of new eateries opening or soon to open attests to that fact.  The following article was taken from the SF Business Times and written by Sarah Duxbury can be read at their site as well.  The link is at the bottom of ths post.

Restaurant tenants are feeding Berkeley’s retail real estate market.

A host of new restaurateurs have signed leases to open in different corners of the city, each seeing a different opportunity even as an economic recovery remains uncertain.

“In this marketplace, the one tenancy we are seeing expand is food service,” said John Gordon of Gordon Commercial Real Estate. Gordon is fielding several food service inquiries every day, he said.

Jennifer Millar, owner of Sweet Adeline’s Bakeshop, scored six months free rent to open the 75-seat Addie’s Pizza Pie in the former Spud’s Pizza in South Berkeley. Her partner on that project is Thomas Schnetz of Flora and Dona Tomas, both in Oakland. The restaurant, which will serve New York-style pizzas and egg custards, should open by late spring.

In August, Anja Voth will open a German bakery restaurant in the old Metro Lighting space on San Pablo Avenue in West Berkeley. She said it will recreate traditional North German recipes with local, seasonal ingredients, “pretty much like my grandmother used to make.” Voth said she had been seeking a space for nearly two years.

Amy Murray from Venus Restaurant has bought the vacant Downtown Restaurant, and plans to remodel and open an 80-plus-seat restaurant called Revival Bar and Kitchen by summer. It sought a bigger space because Venus, with just 44 seats, couldn’t keep up with demand. It will remain open once Revival arrives.

Christian Geideman will open the East Bay’s first “izakaya” restaurant — sort of a pub-tapas bar that specializes in grilled meats. Sometime around April the Japanese-trained chef will open his 50-seat restaurant in 1,800 square feet custom built by Zen master and carpenter Paul Driscoe.

“This is decidedly not sushi,” said Patrick Kennedy of Panoramic Interests, and his landlord. “Basically, this is Japanese food for carnivores.”

Gordo Taqueria has signed a lease to open its fifth Bay Area location on Telegraph; Pinkberry will move in next door.

These new deals build on the success of recent entrants.

Gather opened in the David Brower Center less than two months ago and has been an instant success. A 28-seat prix-fixe fine dining restaurant called eVe opened on University Avenue in December.

“It seems like the energy’s there. You hear about smaller restaurateurs, newbies and folks with one or two restaurants, out poking around,” said Steve Smith, a broker with Norheim and Yost. “It may be that with the turn in the market and in the process of bottoming out, there are opportunities for them to seize.”^3020201&s=industry&i=commercial_real_estate

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Buying or Selling a Home in Berkeley 94703

If you are considering buying or selling a home in Berkeley in the 94703 zip code you might want to read the report below.  Just click on it to enlarge. This is a real estate snapshot of the market in real time.  It shows all of the activity in the 94703 zip code during the past week.


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Buying or Selling a Home in Berkeley, 94702

For folks who are consideriing buying or selling a home in the 94702 zipcode in Berkeley.  The following report is a live snapshot of the market this past week.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buying or Selling a Home in Temescal 94609

If you are planning on buying a home in Temescal, 94609 you should think about paying attention to the charts below.  The median home price has rsen dramatically over the past two years and at the same time days on market and months supply of inventory have dropped.  This is a good sign for any one interested inselling a property in the Temescal 94609 zip code of Oakland.

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Buying or Selling a Home in Berkeley 94703

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Berkeley in the 94703 zip code you'll want to take a look at these charts.  Prices have dropped by 18% over the past two years and days on market has also risen which in and of themselves are not great signs for the local market.  However the last chart, supply and demand shows a different story. The number of available properties has dropped while the number of solds has risen. This should tighten up the market and create an upward pressure on prices as we enter the buying season.  Plese call me or visit my website for more information or for questions you may have.
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Buying or Selling a Home in Berkeley 94702

If you are buying or sellilng a home in Berkeley in the 94702 zip code you'll want to read these charts .  The median price of homes in the 94702 zip code declined by 7% over the past two years.  At the same time we are seeing a much smaller amount of time on the market and a lesser amount of inventory. Don't be surprised if prices begin to rise.
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In the 94702 zip code this week we saw relatively little price change from
last week. However, we continue to demonstrate a nice up trend
in general over the last several weeks.
In terms of supply and demand, the market is getting cooler - more
supply is coming on the market relative to the sales demand.
However, in recent weeks prices have been moving higher. Since it is
technically a Buyer's market, this price trend may be a result of
improved quality (newer, larger homes) of the homes being listed.
Look at the descriptive statistics where you may notice the homes
being listed are larger and younger than they have been in the past.
Inventory has been decreasing lately but the Market Action Index is
falling also.