Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Berkeley Program to Help Elderly and Disabled: Berkeley Real Estate Resources

Hi, I thought this might be of interest to my Berkeley Neighbors.  Please pass on thisinfo to anyone you know who may be in need.
Rebuilding Together has just announced that they have money avaialbe to help the elderly and disabled with minor home repairs.  Please read below and email the link at the bottom for more information
Bill Fletcher, Your East Bay Realtor

From:John Stevens

Subject: New Minor repair funding

We have just received a grant that is specifically directed at making year-round minor repairs for low-income elderly and disabled homeowners in Berkeley. This will include minor plumbing, electrical, and carpentry, and other safety repairs such as repairing hand rails and banisters, replacing defective ovens and ranges and vent-a-hoods, repairing improper and broken door and window locking mechanisms, and more.
It is my hope that this will expand our ability to reach not only more citizens, but the Berkeley citizens most in need.
When we make these repairs it will be an entrée to view the individuals' homes and determine if there are greater issues at hand thatwe will be able to help them with through our City of Berkeley funded Safe Homes program. If you become aware of homeowners in need of such repairs and funding is not otherwise available, please check with us to see if we can help.

John Stevens
Executive Director
Rebuilding Together - ABE
3318 Adeline ST.
Berkeley, CA 94703
Bus: 510-644-8979
Fax: 510-644-6213

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