Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buying a Home in South Berkeley, North Oakland: Get to know the Neighbors

If you are buying a home in South Berkeley or North Oakland in the near future or even in a more distant future here is an opportunity to get to know the neighborhood and the neighbors.  there is a neighborhood association called WANA who supports a monthly "happy hour" on the second Friday of the month.  This is usually held at Cafe Vino on the corner of 66th and Scaramento (good food and wine there, by the way).  this coming Friday 1/8 there is a grand opening celebration at the neighborhood's newest hangout , The Actual Cafe,on the corner of Alcatraz and San Pablo.  Neighbors will be making there way down to this new addition in a show of support.  Come join the fun!  Meet some folks and learn about what a great place South Berkeley and North Oakland is to live. Get to know the Neighbors!

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