Friday, July 23, 2010

Buying or Selling a Home in Berkeley? 94703 is the hottest zip code in the USA

If its in the Chronicle it has to be true, right?  Well it is.... in black and white. I've been spouting off for a long time about the benefits of buying a home in South Berkeley, particularly in The Lorin District.  It seems as if the rest of the world might be catching up with me.  And what's good for home buyers in South Berkeley in this case is also good for home sellers.  At least according to Zip Realty who track such things across the nation.  When I say hot what is meant is that the sales price is consistently higher than the origninal list price.  In this case the number is 7.7%.  I truly believe that The Lorin will be the next "Temescal"  It has all the right ingredients and right now is an affordable entry point to those who want to live in this vibrant city.  If you want to read the whole article Click Here.  And if you want information about buying or selling a home in South Berkely or other parts of the East Bay please visit my websit: or call me 510-368-2854 and have a great day enjoying the bay area!

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