Monday, April 11, 2011

Plant Swap In North Oakland 5/7/2011

I just received this posting and thought I'd pass it along.

Inspired by plant swaps around the San Francisco bay area, Dan and I have decided to bring this FREE sharing event to North Oakland. Located in the Golden Gate neighborhood we host plant swaps twice a year: once in spring and once in fall.

At the plant swap you can bring: unwanted plants, cuttings, seedlings, starts, foraged plants, and seeds.

This is also a great place to bring any extra pots, natural fertilizers, vermicompost/worms, garden tools, etc you have and are no longer using. Pass them all on to a new home and come pick up some new-to-you plants for your garden and home.

The only entrance fee is something brought to add to the swap.

Next Swap:

Saturday May 7th


5927 San Pablo Ave.

Oakland, CA 94608

(on the Berkeley/Emeryville border)

Please spread the word to all your friends

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