Saturday, January 15, 2011

Open Houses for Sunday 1/16/2011 Now Posted

Its that time of the week you've been waiting for, when I post Open Homes for Sunday 1/16/2011 covering the entire East Bay and including Berkeley, Albany, Oakland, El Cerrito, Walnut Creek and more. As we end the holiday season the number of homes being actively marketed begins to increase. We have over 300 properties to look at compared to half of that 3 weeks ago. This is one of the greatest times ever to purchase a home. We have seen signs lately of the inevitable rise in rates. Economic news has been favorable and the extension of tax cuts should provide extra stimulous to the economy. The rising of rates will most likely bring many of the buyers who have been sitting on the fence back in to the market as they begin to think, and rightly so, that the worse is over and that as time goes on it will only become more difficult to purchase a property. Even if property values stagnate in the short term an increase in rates will decrease the individual's buying power.
Please Click Here to see the most complete lists of open houses in the East Bay for Sunday, January 16, 2011. And please remember to check back here often for real estate related news on a very local level.

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